“These are real people seeing real results from F.A.S.T Athletics “

My daughter wanted a speed and agility program that would help her achieve her goals, motivate her, and take her to the next level. Fast Athletics Training has given her that and more. She loves her trainers and the support that they give her. As a result of the sport specific training, her performance on the tennis court has improved as well as her overall confidence in her ability to perform at a higher sustained level.”

Kristy Hess - 2019


“Fast Athletics is where athletes, who want to improve and learn good skills, should train. My  oldest son, Marcus, played college basketball. He gives credit to Rasheem Barrett for preparing him for college ball. My 15 year old grew 8” in a year and decided to play basketball. Fast Athletics taught him the skills he needs to compete! They teach good technique and game situation drills. Jackson recognized within a few weeks of doing the ability training, how much it helped his game. I also have a 14 year daughter who loves working out with the coaches. She is a great ball handler, they work with her to continue to improve her game. It is good, hard workout, they both recognize the improvements they have made. They are excited to start summer training so they can be ahead of the game when the season starts. I highly recommend Fast Athletics.”

Kim McKone - 2019


“The training at Fast Athletics is excellent!  Rasheem and his team of trainers are great at teaching skills with a foundation built on accountability and hard work. They push young athletes just the right amount beyond their comfort zone to help players improve their skills while gaining a greater love for the game of basketball. They are such an asset to the basketball community here in St. George!”

Shannan Beatty - 2019

“Working with Fast Athletics has completely transformed my basketball game! Their workouts are intense and effective at pushing you to the next level. They did an excellent job at preparing me for college level competition. They teach life lessons along with basketball skills. They believed in me from the first moment they met me and helped build my confidence during every workout. As I spent many hours working with them I saw my skill level and confidence grow. Hard work and dedication pays off! It’s fun to work hard for someone who believes so much in you. They have so much faith in the potential of each of their athletes and you can feel how much they love each and every one of them. Going to Nets on Fire was a game changer for me and made my dream of playing basketball in college a reality.”

Dawn Mead - 2019


“Rasheem, I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts with my son Rushton. All he talks about is how much he’s learning every day in your program. I’ve never seen him this excited about basketball before and that’s saying a lot because that’s all he talks about. He feels like he has learned more from your program in the last four days then he has in probably all of his time at the other program. Thanks again and keep being great.”

The Moss - 2019

“We are so lucky to have found Rasheem and his team at Fast Athletics. They are more than just coaches. They care about each individuals growth not only as a basketball player, but as a person. They make sure the kids understand the purpose of the drill and that they are doing it correctly. They will get after them and hold them accountable if they are not playing the right way. I love the basketball training, but what has impressed me the most are the other things being taught. They are learning teamwork, respect, sportsmanship and hardwork. These are all important attributes that will help my son not only in basketball but in everything he does. I recommend Rasheem and his team to anybody that will listen.”

DJ Dickinson - 2019

“Rasheem, Bri, and all of the trainers at F.A.S.T are truly amazing! My 10 year old son goes to them for basketball training and he absolutely loves it! The program is incredible and goes beyond teaching him basketball skills. They are teaching him an incredible work ethic, respect, and responsibility. He is learning how to push himself to be the best athlete he can be, and learning how all aspects of the game should be played. I am so grateful and feel so blessed that my son has the opportunity to train with F.A.S.T! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!”

Martin Schijf - 2019

“Danie is a home school kid that lacked confidence when he came to us. In approximately 8 months, he worked his way to receiving respect from those around him as well as increased in self-confidence. This resulted in his ability to make friends”

Daniel Gonzalez - 2019